Slavantas Logo
Slavantas is a melodic metal band that hails from Limburg, the Netherlands. With the addition of their new frontman, Willy van der Kaa, in early 2022, they were able to fully prepare themselves for live performances and recordings. The band has already released four studio tracks, and they have three more that are currently in the pipeline. Their music is characterized by its strong guitar riffs, which are layered on top of a steady bass and drums section. Willy’s clear vocal sound, with a wide range of capabilities, is immediately recognizable. In their music, one can hear the influences of early heavy metal, but it has been expertly molded into the unique and distinguished sound of Slavantas. Additionally, their live performances are always high-energy and engaging experiences for audiences.
Line up:
vocals: Willy van der Kaa
guitar: Jack Houston
guitar: Vincent van den Akker
bass: Pascal Debruin
drums: Dion Pietersma
When the Night Falls
My Salvation
Down Beneath

Introducing Slavantas

Lead vocal : Willy van der Kaa

Drums: Dion Pietersma


Bass: Pascal Debruijn

Guitar: Jacques Joosten

Guitar: Vincent van den Akker